The UK Graduate Careers Survey and The Graduate Market

For the last nineteen years, High Fliers Research has been at the forefront of graduate recruitment research at the UK’s leading universities.

Our innovative annual study of more than 18,000 final year students, The UK Graduate Careers Survey, remains the only research to be based entirely on face-to-face interviews with finalists and on-campus research groups with student job hunters. Each survey provides a unique insight into the career expectations and aspirations of final year students – just weeks before they leave university – and provides a definitive record of their search for a graduate job.

The latest results from the 2013 student survey were published on Thursday 13th June and were featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Times, The Scotsman, the Times Higher Education Supplement and on BBC News and BBC Radio Five Live.

Since its launch in 1995, the survey has now been used by 140 leading employers to review, assess and develop their campus recruitment campaigns. This extensive research is also used to compile The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers – the careers directory that showcases Britain’s most sought-after organisations – and The Times Graduate Recruitment Awards which High Fliers Research hosts and presents annually. The 2014 awards and employer rankings were announced to audience of more than 400 graduate recruiters from across the UK at Kings Place in London in April 2014, its seventeenth annual awards ceremony. Details of the winners are available here.

In addition to its student research, High Fliers Research produces regular analysis of the latest graduate vacancies and starting salaries available from the UK's top employers. Its new report on The Graduate Market in 2014 was published on Monday 13th January and included the very encouraging news that graduate vacancies are set to increase by 8.7% in 2014, taking graduate recruitment to its highest level since 2007.

Headlines from the report were widely reported in the media – Breakfast on BBC One broadcast its business bulletins from Leeds University to feature the research through the programme and interviewed Martin Birchall, Managing Director at High Fliers Research. He also appeared on Wake Up to Money on BBC Radio 5 Live, the BBC News channel and Sky News during the day, to discuss the report's findings. The research was reported on Today on BBC Radio 4 and in The Independent, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Financial Times, London Evening Standard, Scotsman, Times Higher Education and on BBC News.

Our new website goes live shortly, but in the meantime please contact Sally Hyman for subscription details for The UK Graduate Careers Survey 2015 or Zoe Gordon for The Law Student Survey 2015.

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